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To Share or not to Share Secrets with Ledger
- Alexander Zammit May 18, 2023
Ledger does NOT need a sneaky backdoor to run their seed recovery service! Without delving into whether one should use such a service, I write about how Ledger only requires the well-known Shamir's secret sharing scheme to run their service. Read more...
PLONK by Crypto-Toys
- Alexander Zammit May 11, 2023
The application of Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) in the blockchain space needs little introduction. Whether we look at scalability solutions or on-chain privacy, ZKPs are almost always in the mix. Today I will walk you through a ZKP PLONK setup using my new node.js project Crypto-Toys. Read more...
GDPR vs Blockchains vs Oversight
- Alexander Zammit Jun 16, 2021
As if achieving GDPR compliance wasn’t hard enough, blockchains have to contend with oversight demands expecting privacy protection to be selectively lifted. Today we conclude this series with a look at other challenges that privacy solutions have to navigate. Read more...
GDPR vs Blockchains - Convergence
- Alexander Zammit Jun 01, 2021
Just because the original privacy preserving features proposed in Bitcoin turned out to be insufficient, the pursuit to fulfill its privacy vision never stopped. Today we focus on how blockchains are strengthening their privacy safeguards. Read more...
GDPR vs Blockchains - The Conflict
- Alexander Zammit May 19, 2021
Are blockchain applications and GDPR compliance irreconcilable? In this article series I look at the technical issues putting the two at odds. We also discuss elements of convergence highlighting how the technology is reacting to this challenge. Read more...
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