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There is no holding back the Blockchain and DLT revolution. Embrace change with us, through education. is an educational resource that we decided to put together to share our experience in this space.

We want to be open to all professionals and look forward for you to join us! There is no way we can cover this topic on our own. So we need you to share your experience too! Check below for contributing an article.

We are based in Malta, the Blockchain Island. Most probably you already heard of Malta because of the push made to advance regulation in the blockchain and DLT space. What you might not know is that today Malta is hosting a vibrant international community of professionals that have converged here.

We all have our ideas. Some might be Bitcoin maximalists other might be focused on Smart Contracts. We won’t agree about everything. But if like us you have joined the Blockchain revolution, we have enough in common to learn from each other!


Contribute an Article

We are always looking for original articles to publish. All Blockchain articles of educational value will be welcomed. If the topic is relevant and it was not already covered, we will be happy to publish it!

So fill in the Contact Form and let us know.


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